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Christian music: Humility honors God

By Scott Tibbs, January 25, 2018

What kind of music should we have in church? Should we have a modern band, or should we sing classic hymns? Which style of music is better?

The answer: Neither. It is entirely a matter of preference. If someone prefers old hymns, then that is his preference. The same is true with newer music by a modern band. Those of us who grew up singing the old hymns in church have to avoid the temptation to be self-righteous in thinking that music is "better," especially if the basis for our preference is that our music is somehow more holy or godly. That is not the case. I have been repenting of my self-righteousness on this issue for twenty years.

Church music can be a very divisive topic, and it is easy to get hurt feelings. That is why we need to be humble in our discussions of it. We are not to take our personal preferences and make it into a doctrinal issue. That is self-righteousness, and self-righteousness is idolatry. We are not to command where Scripture has not commanded, and Scripture does not dictate the music style we should use.

What is important is not the instruments used, bands vs. choir, low church vs, high church, piano vs. A Capella, and so on and so forth. What is important is the doctrinal content of the lyrics, the faithfulness of the musicians, and the hearts of the congregation.