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"Death with dignity" is also known as murder

By Scott Tibbs, January 19, 2018

If I hand you a loaded gun, knowing you want to die, and you blow your brains out, I am guilty of murder. Let's not pretend that "death with dignity" is anything other than murder. That is why the Pro-Life movement opposes euthanasia as well as abortion.

This is why it is so abominable that State Rep. Matt Pierce is seeking to further corrupt the medical profession by making it legal for doctors to murder their patients. Let's be clear here: That is exactly what this is. A doctor who prescribes a lethal drug so the patient can kill himself is every bit as guilt of murder as if he administered the drug himself or shot the patient in the head at point blank range.

It sounds loving and compassionate to help people be free from pain. No one wants to suffer and no one wants a loved one to suffer. Certainly, no terminally ill person should ever be obligated to take treatments to add a few weeks or months to their life when it will cause them immense pain and suffering. They should have the right to refuse treatment and instead accept palliative care to reduce their suffering as much as possible while they are dying. But there is a world of moral difference between refusing life-extending treatments and knowingly and intentionally killing a man or woman made in the image of Almighty God.

If someone wants to kill himself, he will find a way to do it. What we should not do is further corrupt the medical profession by turning doctors from healing the sick and comforting the suffering to actively, intentionally murdering people. The medical profession has already been corrupted worldwide, as we have seen in the cases of Jahi McMath, Charlie Gard and Terri Schiavo. Allowing "assisted suicide" (legalized murder) will only make it worse. As we fight against the merciless slaughter of over a million unborn babies a year, let's not forget about the terminally ill. Their lives are also precious and must be protected.