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Yes, abortion kills a baby

By Scott Tibbs, January 17, 2018

As is usually the case, I was accused of "lying" in HeraldTimesOnline.com comments when I argued in my letter to the editor that abortion kills a baby. I could easily defend myself against this charge, but the Herald-Times does not believe in journalism. The so-called "newspaper" is engaged in a cover-up about the reality of abortion, openly censoring any attempt to expose the truth and then shamelessly lying about their alleged "comment guidelines."

In any case, we all know that abortion kills a baby, because there is photographic evidence.

With that out of the way, let me address something else:
"By the way the Bible says nothing NOTHING about abortion being bad or forbidden."
No, that is not true. In fact, there is a prohibition against murder all throughout Scripture, most notably in the Ten Commandments but also before and after that. Again, we know what abortion is because we have seen the photographic evidence.

Furthermore, who do you trust to interpret Scripture: People who actually are Christians and submit to the Author of Scripture, or non-Christians who are actively opposed to the God who gave us the Bible through the Holy Spirit? Credibility matters. I will stand with the people I trust, instead of the people I do not.
Some will retort that we need laws, based on morality, to maintain social order. But American law is based on the morality of individual freedom and liberty.
Of course we need laws to maintain social order. That is why murder, theft, rape and fraud are illegal. All of those laws are based on morality, as are laws protecting the environment from rampant pollution. The entire purpose of having laws is to maintain social order. The debate is (and has always been) how many laws we should have, what should be allowed or prohibited, and how far the laws should reach.

Personally, I do not care what women do with their uteruses. I care about what happens to the baby inside of it, a human being made in the image of God. That is the issue, not what someone does with her sexuality.

But ultimately, it is true that criminalizing abortion restrains sexuality - male sexuality. A man who fathers a baby cannot live the live he lived before fatherhood. He now must provide and care for the child's mother and the baby. He has to sacrifice and be responsible. In short, he has to grow up. This is why men generally support abortion rights, and why it is men who need to be on the front lines fighting against the slaughter of the innocent - because men are the reason those babies are dying.