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Twitter bans truth and mandates superstition

By Scott Tibbs, December 4, 2018

Transgenderism mandates acceptance, and will tolerate nothing less than acceptance. Tolerance is not the goal here. We see this in Twitter's new policy banning "deadnaming" and "misgendering" of transgenders.

Let's be clear about this: Twitter's new policy has nothing at all to do with protecting the dignity of transgenders. This is about forcing mandatory acceptance of transgenderism at the expense of truth, science and biological facts. This is about erasing dissent, because Twitter fears the free exchange of ideas. Twitter has once again caved to Leftists (and likely agitators within the company) at the expense of the company's original mission as a free speech hub. Political Correctness demands censorship, and Twitter has bowed to it.

You could argue that no legal rights are being violated, and Twitter has the right to do as it pleases. Legally, this is correct. (And this is why alternatives to Twitter exist.) But make no mistake about it: The real end goal here is banning opinions that disagree with transgender ideology from the public square. Twitter currently only bans "misgendering" and "deadnaming" if it is "targeted" at individuals, but that is only the first step. Eventually, saying "Someone who is born a man cannot be a woman" will be banned also.

The end goal is criminalization of "transphobic" speech. If you dismiss this as "slippery slope," look at how many Western democracies have criminalized such speech. We are protected by our First Amendment right now, but do you really think that will last - especially with polls showing that more and more people think "hate speech" is not protected by the First Amendment and want the government to "do something" about it?

It is telling how radically the landscape has shifted. Twenty years ago, virtually everyone agreed that men could not be women and women could not be men. Someone who is anatomically and genetically male is a male. Surgical mutilation and harmful chemicals will never change genetics. Sadly, we have gone off the rails since then and embraced pseudo-science and superstition.

Transgenderism and homosexuality are both sin, but homosexuality does not require that others endorse it. If someone wants to live in a homosexual relationship, that does not require others to endorse that relationship. Transgenderism makes acceptance mandatory, and if you do not knowingly lie and say a biological man is actually a woman, you are a "bully" who is causing people to commit suicide. Naturally, this discussion always goes to transgender teens or even children to elicit maximum sympathy for the "victim" and maximum shame for the "bully." Therefore, you must allow males to play on female sports teams, and allow males to use the women's restroom or locker room. You certainly cannot state biological reality.

Some would argue that "deadnaming" and "misgendering is degrading to transgenders, but the point is that we disagree. What is degrading is surgically mutilating one's body and pumping it full of harmful chemicals to change what is natural. What we lose with this new policy is truth, freedom of speech and biological reality.

If you are a man, that is a gift from god and a beautiful thing. If you are a woman, that is a gift from god and a beautiful thing. If you hate your own sex, that is a mental disorder that should be treated an cured, not encouraged. It is not healthy to deny biological reality. It certainly should not be endorsed by unethical "doctors" who surgically mutilate you and pump your body full of chemicals to change your body's natural hormonal balance. The people endorsing transgenderism to advance a political/religious agenda are the ones who hate transgenders, not those of us who refuse to accept delusion and fantasy as reality.