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A frightening preview of ObamaCare's death panels

By Scott Tibbs, December 31, 2013

A so-called "hospital" in California wants to murder a little girl, over her parents' objections. The case of Jahi McMath provides a frightening preview of ObamaCare's inevitable death panels.

After little Jahi went through what should have been a routine tonsil surgery, something happened. She went into cardiac arrest and was bleeding profusely. It appears that this was simply a tragic accident, but the aftermath of this decision should be terrifying to all of us. Little Jahi has been on life support ever since, and the so-called "hospital" has been consumed with bloodlust. They want to murder her, and little Jahi's parents are trying to protect their precious daughter from bloodthirsty so-called "doctors."

Back in 2009, Sarah Palin warned of "death panels" in ObamaCare, and she was mocked, ridiculed and insulted for it. This is despite the fact that President Obama himself suggested to a woman at a town hall meeting that her elderly mother should take painkillers rather than have life-saving surgery.

No, you cannot directly blame ObamaCare for the bloodthirsty so-called "doctors" who are determined to murder a little girl made in the image of Almighty God. But as ObamaCare is fully implemented, we will see more and more occasions where people are murdered in order to "control costs." It is a frightening future we face.

There was a time when government's role was to step in and protect children who are abused by their parents. Now, as government has gotten bigger and more intrusive, it is stealing authority that rightfully belongs to the family. It should not be the so-called "hospital" or the government who decides whether this girl lives or dies. The decisions about little Jahi's care should be made by her parents, because it is her parents who have been entrusted by God with her care.

If I was one the so-called "doctors" or part of the "hospital" administration, I would be utterly terrified of the wrath of Almighty God and the prospect of judgment in eternal Hell Fire.