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Making a federal case out of a local crime

By Scott Tibbs, November 15, 2013

The case of Bond vs. the United States further demonstrates Barack Obama's disturbing authoritarian streak and the ongoing effort to move more and more power to the federal government at the expense of the states and individual liberty. The Supreme Court needs to slap Obama down and restore the balance of power.

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The legal arguments are pretty straightforward. Does the federal government have the authority to make local crimes into federal crimes under an international treaty? Jilted wife Carol Bond attempted to poison the woman who was pregnant by Bond's husband, resulting in a burn on the mistress' hand. This will have far-reaching implications for federal power, state power, civil liberties and the War on Crime.

Buy beyond all of the legal arguments, this case is about common sense. Carol Bond is not a terrorist. She is not an operative of Iran or al-Qaeda. She is a private citizen who sought revenge on a romantic rival though assault. That is a purely local matter and does not require federal involvement.

The fact that a federal prosecutor pressed absurdly over-the-top charges against Bond should have been a reason for Obama to fire the prosecutor for gross abuse of power and wasteful use of federal resources. But instead of sending the prosecutor to the unemployment line where he belongs, Obama is defending these absurd charges.

This would be laughable if it were not so serious. If Obama had even an ounce of common sense, he would have recognized how ridiculous this case is and put a stop to it. The fact that he is defending this abuse of power shows how authoritarian he really is, and why we should be very worried about him.