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Yet another shameful handout to Planned Parenthood

By Scott Tibbs, November 14, 2013

In a vote that was disappointing and not surprising at all, the Monroe County Council voted along party lines to give a $2,400 handout to Planned Parenthood, despite the fact that PP admitted in their request for funding that they have taken in over $169,000 more than they have spent so far in their fiscal year.

One good thing that happened is that Ryan Langley moved to split the PP grant from the rest of the grants, so that it would be possible to vote against corporate welfare for PP without voting against grants to other social service agencies. That measure was approved, and the handout for Planned Parenthood was then passed on a party-line vote with Langley and Marty Hawk voting against it.

One of the dishonest things local Democrats have done over the last fourteen years as PP has been funded by the city and county is whine that the funding was one big package and that voting against it would mean voting against the entire thing. The November 12 meeting proved that argument to be false. Democrats also whine that there is not opposition to funding PP early in the process, but that is factually incorrect - and they know it.

This was a shameful vote and an insult to all of the agencies that were denied funding. Once again, the Democrats on the county council has decided that making a pro-abortion political endorsement is more important than helping social service agencies that actually need financial assistance. Once again, the Democrats have made a mockery of the social services finding process. Once again, the Democrats have proven that they are anything but "pro-choice."