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Perverted filth and anonymity on HeraldTimesOnline, Part II

By Scott Tibbs, November 13, 2013

Perhaps the most despicable thing about the depraved culture we live in today is the condemnation of conflict itself as bad, with no effort made to discern right and wrong in the conflict, much less verifiable facts.

Those who think rightly know that there must be conflict in this world. Conflict is a good thing, because evil must be opposed and exposed. All true Christians should love and embrace conflict, because that is what each and every one of our heroes in the faith did in Scripture. Who can forget our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, personally using a whip to violently drive the money changers out of the Temple?

Following is an email I got from the Herald-Times digital editor on Monday:

We've taken down a number of comments this weekend that either you posted or reported. You and another poster have been going back-and-forth long enough with nasty comments. Please cut it out and do not engage this person on the comment board; if it continues we'll revoke your commenting privileges.

Below is my response:

I find it unfortunate that you have cast this conflict as a matter of two posters going "back and forth" with no judgment on what the facts of the case are.

The fact of the matter is that "EvenKeel" posted a despicable fantasy about me being anally raped as a child, and suggested that had I been anally raped as a child I would have "asked for it."

He should have been banned for that despicable and depraved comment. Others have been banned for far less.

All I did was accurately describe what he posted, and I provided screenshots of that post. My posts that were deleted by HTO moderators were 100% factual and truthful.

Furthermore, I posted the truth about what "EvenKeel" posted in response to a direct unprovoked criticism of me in which he described me as a "fool," after I posted an opinion on public policy.

I do not believe I am the one who should be scolded here. I am the victim of a violent personal attack and I have exposed the truth about that attack.

Finally, I find it offensive that you would protect "EvenKeel" from having his comments exposed. Journalists should not be in the business of hiding and covering up such things.

If this is the rule for HTO comments, and if I am not permitted to expose this sort of evil in the comments, fine.

Your rules are your rules, nonsensical as they may be. If you want to engage in a cover-up, that is your business.

I will simply expose his evil behavior elsewhere, as I did this morning on my blog and social media, and I will continue to openly and publicly question why HTO administration will not revoke the commenting privileges of people who post such violent and evil things.