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By Scott Tibbs, October 14, 2013

♣ - The New York Times quotes an Ohio woman who objects to new abortion restrictions passed by the state legislature: "To make (abortion) more difficult by passing these laws and making women feel guilty is terrible." Perhaps there is a good reason that you feel guilty when you look at an ultrasound image of the baby you're about to kill?

♣ - You can feel the snobbishness in the air as you read David Carr's editorial this but he nonetheless makes a good point: It is a good idea to get your news from different perspectives. I read conservative media, but I also read the mainstream media and I listen to the podcast of Rachel Maddow's show daily.

♣ - I simply cannot see how law enforcement can declare Kendrick Johnson's death was an "accident."

♣ - The Muslim terrorists fighting Bashir Assad massacred 190 civilians, including 57 women and 18 children. Assad is a brutal tyrant and has certainly committed war crimes, but do we really want to pick sides in this fight?

♣ - Deroy Murdock describes Barack Obama as "a sadist-in-chief who abuses the American people purely for partisan gain." He's right. Obama's childish and petulant behavior during the shutdown has been shameful.

♣ - Pastor Tim Bayly reminds us again that homosexual marriage is a threat to religious liberty. When Christians are forced to rent rooms to homosexual couples (or unmarried heterosexual couples) or provide services to homosexual weddings, the mask is stripped away. This is not about "tolerance." This is about forcing acceptance.

♣ - With today's technology there is no reason the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program cannot go all-electronic, just like food stamps became the EBT card. Texas has already done this.