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Looking in the mirror at our own sin

By Scott Tibbs, August 28, 2013

Can someone please explain to me why a near-pornographic "dance" on a MTV "awards" show is shocking? Is this any different from what Britney Spears was doing ten years ago? Is this any different from what Madonna was doing twenty-five years ago?

Folks, we live in a culture that has been rotten since the "free love" era of the 1960's. People who are up in arms about a twenty year old woman dancing in a sexually explicit manner on cable TV are upset about three drops of water on the kitchen floor while the whole city is under four feet of water.

Our twenty-something sons and daughters are regularly and frequently "hooking up" with strangers they have never met before and will probably never meet again. For those over 30 who may think that means getting together to shoot the breeze, "hooking up" is what we used to call a "one night stand."

Hardcore pornography on the Internet is available through the click of a mouse, where the most obscene perversions you can imagine (and a lot you have never imagined) can be found within seconds.

Our culture needs a revival, and that revival has to start in the church. We wag our fingers at a naughty pop singer all day long but we refuse to do a thing about the rampant sexual immorality in our church pews. We are saturated with sexual immorality. All that pop singer did was make us look in the mirror.