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Explaining my position or wasting my time?

By Scott Tibbs, August 27, 2013

Are Leftists illiterate, or are they just liars? Is there a limit to how many times Leftists will ask a "question" and pretend it has not been answered previously?

When my most recent letter to the editor was published on August 12, the first comment was this:

"Maybe Scott Tibbs will someday tell us what is the good reason for the government to ban gay marriage?"

Of course, that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of my letter, which was about the state legislature reversing the ban on switchblades. When another individual responded to my letter with a letter of her own, the same HTO user made the following comment:

But Scott also argues that same sex marriage should be illegal but steadfastly refuses, despite multiple requests, just refuses to explain why. The reason he won’t answer is the answer would expose him and others like him to the charge of being a Christian Taliban.

This is a flagrant lie. I have explained my position many times. I have explained my position multiple times in the old HTO comment system, though all of those have been erased since HTO moved to a new system in July. I posted an explanation of my position on July 12. The kicker here is that the very same person who now falsely accuses me of never explaining my position responded to my post.

I also explained my position in letters to the editor in 2008 and 2009, as well as a guest editorial in 2006. I have explained my position many times on my blog over the years, though I do not expect him to have read those posts.

I was going to respond to the dishonest "question" about my position on same-sex marriage, but I decided it was a waste of time. When the "question" includes an accusation that I have refused to answer the "question" in the past despite having done so many times over the years, why should I bother answering it? After all, when I answer the "question," my critics will simply claim that I have refused to answer the "question" the next day or the next week.

You see, this "question" is not a question. Leftists who are "asking" me a "question" do not want and answer to their "question" - and they never have been interested in an answer. This is a propaganda tool designed to attack me, nothing more. Leftists ask "questions" over and over despite the fact that I have answered their "questions" many times, and then pretend that I have refused to answer them. It is a dishonest smear tactic and those using it do not deserve the respect of a legitimate answer. They do, however, deserve to be called out for their brazen and shameful lies.