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The Bob Filner scandal is a Democratic Party scandal

By Scott Tibbs, August 19, 2013

Republicans had won the elections for the mayor's office since 1992, so Filner's victory was something that excited Democrats. For the last several weeks, many Democrats have rushed to condemn San Diego Mayor Bob Filner after multiple women accused him of sexually harassing them. This is a good thing - a number of the things Filner has been accused of doing are a lot closer to sexual assault than sexual harassment.

But where were they before the scandal broke earlier this year? What did the Democratic Party know about Filner's despicable behavior, and when did they know it? We now know that Filner was engaging in this behavior when he was a Congressman. We know that he has engaged in this behavior "goes back years -- and possibly decades."

So, again, what did the Democratic Party know and when did they know it?

Given how this man had been abusing women for many years before he ever ran for mayor (one signature move was called the "Filner Headlock") why did the Democratic Party get behind this man and push him into the highest elected office in the city of San Diego? Are we really supposed to believe that Bob Filner's behavior was unknown to the Democratic Party establishment, Democratic elected officials, donors and high-profile activists?

Or were they willing to look past a pattern of sexually assaulting women in hopes that Filner could propel the Democratic Party to win an election for Mayor for the first time in more than twenty years?

One of the most appalling things about the Penn State "University" rape scandal was how "university" officials looked the other way for years. I find it hard to believe that a significant portion of the Democratic Party establishment in San Diego did not know exactly what Bob Filner was and what he had been doing over the years. It is easy to condemn Filner for what he did (and he deserves it) but there is almost certainly wrongdoing that goes beyond Filner's antics.

Here's hoping that gets exposed - no pun intended.