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Of course Rush Limbaugh is still relevant.

By Scott Tibbs, May 23, 2013

Dean Obeidallah asks if Rush Limbaugh is still relevant, and the answer to that question is obvious - yes. This is a silly question. Limbaugh is the most popular radio talk show host in the nation with millions of viewers daily and an estimated 20 million people tune into Limbaugh's program at some point during the week. (It would be interesting to see how many people listen only electronically - I have listened via my Rush 24/7 subscription exclusively for the past four years.) Someone with an audience of that size is not irrelevant.

Limbaugh is far and away the most popular radio talk show host in the country. President Obama whined last week that Republicans are afraid to work with him for fear of what Limbaugh will say about them. Obama has spent a lot of time whining about Limbaugh for the last four years, much like the previous Democratic President, Bill Clinton. When the President of the United States is whining about your criticism of him, you can be assured that you are anything but irrelevant.

Leftists have been fantasizing for years about Limbaugh being marginalized or even forced off the radio. When Clinton was elected, Leftists squealed with delight that it meant Limbaugh would me marginalized, and when George W. Bush took office people wondered what Limbaugh would complain about. Limbaugh has continued to be Limbaugh, and he has maintained his loyal audience. While a sustained campaign by Leftists against Limbaugh's advertisers has had an effect, it is obvious that advertisers who drop Limbaugh are doing so for political rather than business reasons - Limbaugh's audience numbers are proof enough of that.

In fact, if Limbaugh was not relevant you would not see people like Obeidallah "questioning" (actually fantasizing about) Limbaugh's relevance. The reality here is that a large number of Leftists are intolerant of any dissent and are desperate to silence those who dare oppose them and their agenda. They have not been able to do with federal action because the First Amendment has so far blocked their path, so they have tried other means. They won't succeed - and that drives them to distraction.