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Planned Parenthood presents their request for a handout

By Scott Tibbs, May 22, 2013

Planned Parenthood reported a profit of $351,883 in their fiscal report, but that did not prevent them from going to the Bloomington City Council to request $5,000 in corporate welfare. Since a total of $383,786 was requested from a fund that will distribute $257,500 to local social service agencies, giving more corporate welfare to PP will deprive local social service agencies that truly need the money from getting a grant that could help them in their mission.

Theoretically, the Hopkins fund is supposed to help with one-time requests. Some of the requests by the other organizations include heating and cooling systems, replacement of carpet, refrigeration units and repairs to the facility. The council has said in the past that the fund is not to be used for operational expenses of the organizations. Let's be honest here - this request, like many before it, is to subsidize Planned Parenthood's operational expenses.

In the past few years, PP has requested money for things such as colposcopies, HIV test kits, and distributing birth control - things that PP does all the time. In the past, PP requested money for things such as a medical exam table, an autoclave and office furniture. While they have never needed the money, at least PP was going along with the spirit of the funds. Now, they are asking for funding for the purpose of asking for funding. This is not a legitimate request. They want a political endorsement from the City Council.

This is an abuse of the process and an insult to both the taxpayers and the other social service organizations and it is long past time for this farce to end. Planned Parenthood is far too childish to stop going to the City Council with their bloodstained hands out, so our city fathers need to tell them "no." The council should tell PP they can apply, but they will not be funded and they will not be invited to present. It is time to de-politicize the Hopkins fund.