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Anti-abortion rhetoric: Truthful, "inflammatory" or both?

By Scott Tibbs, April 15, 2013

We have heard a lot from Leftists in Bloomington over the last couple weeks about "inflammatory" rhetoric surrounding the international tragedy of abortion. They argue that by saying abortion is "murder" and by using terms like "slaughter" and "holocaust" to describe abortion, we encourage violence against abortion "clinics," from destruction of property to violence against human beings.

Lost in all this whining over "inflammatory rhetoric" is the central question of the abortion debate: Is the fetus growing in his mother's womb a human being or not? The entire debate over what "rhetoric" is appropriate - to say nothing of the debate over abortion and limits on the procedure - hinges on this one question.

If the fetus is a human being, then the even the harshest descriptions of the abortion industry are truthful. In fact, the harshest descriptions of abortion may actually understate the magnitude of the slaughter. Nazi Germany murdered millions with their "final solution" to deal with Jews, gypsies and other "undesirable" populations. But Nazi Germany did not come close to the fifty-five million lives taken by abortion in America alone. The ideology of "reproductive choice" embraced by these United States has topped the death toll of Nazi Germany many times over.

When faced with such an unimaginable death toll, when faced with the fact that our hands are deeply stained with the blood of the unborn, Christians can do nothing but speak about abortion in the harshest possible terms. Christian pastors must speak about the evil of abortion in the starkest terms because this terrible wickedness is also a sin of the Christian church, and Christians must repent of our involvement in this evil if we expect the pagan culture to do the same.

Some claim that when we say that abortion is murder, and when we say abortion is a holocaust, people who hear that will act in a sinful manner. Perhaps some will do so. But the Christian church and the pro-life movement generally almost universally agree that the commission of violence against persons or property in the name of stopping abortion is unjustifiable and must be opposed. Speaking the truth about abortion does not cause someone to commit acts that have been repeatedly denounced by Christians for decades.

If you want me to stop saying that abortion is murder, then you are going to have to convince me that the fetus is not a human being made in the image of God and there is therefore no moral issue with terminating a pregnancy. Until that happens, I am compelled to speak the truth about exactly what abortion is - the willful and intentional murder of a helpless baby. Fifty five million murders have been protected by our corrupt legal system that is in open and unrepentant rebellion against the God who is our ultimate Law Giver.

This is the reality of abortion:

Source: The Center for BioEthical Reform

Source: The Center for BioEthical Reform