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"Modernizing" the Roman Catholic Church

By Scott Tibbs, March 28, 2013

The New York Times carried another column calling for the Roman Catholic Church to allow priests to be married. The ban on marriage by priests has always been contrary to the teaching of Scripture - a human tradition that goes beyond the Word of God and has had destructive consequences. It is interesting (though not surprising) that Peter Manseau does not cite Scripture at all, since the Word of God is supposed to be the final authority for Christians.

And thus is the problem with the discussions about what the Roman Catholic Church needs to do to "modernize" and attract younger people. The RCC is being treated like a political party that is looking for ways to win elections instead of existing for the sole purpose of worshiping God, creating converts and teaching them to obey His commandments. The church - Roman Catholic or Protestant - is not and should not be a political organization. It is to be the pillar and foundation of the truth as described by the Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 3:15.

This is why calls to "modernize" by loosening standards on sexual morality and ending opposition to abortion is foolish. A church that "modernizes" on abortion and sexual morality is not a "church" at all. It is a pagan religion that is in open rebellion against Almighty God. Such a "church" is founded upon pure hatred - hatred for God and His commandments and hatred for sinners on their way to Hell. "Modernizing" by calling evil good is the ultimate act of hatred because it damns people in bondage to sin to eternal damnation in Hell fire.

So how does any church "modernize" to attract younger people and keep people from leaving? The solution is very simple - do the same thing the church has been called to do for over two thousand years now. The way the church is to remain relevant for modern times is to submit fully to Scripture, call sinners to repentance, instruct Believers in our obligations to Him and aid in our sanctification, and serve as salt and light in a fallen world.

The church is to "modernize" by trusting the Holy Spirit to convict and change the hearts of fallen men and women, and call them to the cross of Jesus Christ. Our Father in Heaven has already won the battle. We simply need to be faithful in witnessing for Him as we wait for the inevitable ultimate victory by God.