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2013 Jack Hopkins social services funding schedule

By Scott Tibbs, March 11, 2013

City government has released the schedule for the Jack Hopkins social services funding program. Local social service agencies can apply for a grant from this program, and after a committee (made up of council members and a couple community members) whittles down the applications and eliminates some of them, the City Council votes on the funding package in June.

Since 1999, the process has been marred by the selfish requests of Planned Parenthood, which does not need money from local taxpayers but nonetheless seeks a grant nearly every year in order to get a political endorsement from city government. Shockingly, the city did not give PP a handout last summer, but I am sure they will be back with another request for corporate welfare. The schedule is below, along with a history of the grants to Planned Parenthood approved by the City Council.

Technical Assistance Meeting (optional)Tuesday, 19 March 2013
5:30pm, McCloskey Room
Application DeadlineMonday, 01 April 2013
Invited Agencies Present ApplicationsMonday, 13 May 2013
5:30pm, Council Chambers
Committee Recommends Allocation of FundsThursday, 30 May 2013
5:30pm, Council Chambers
Agencies to Sign Funding AgreementsEarly June 2013
Common Council Acts on the RecommendationsWednesday, 19 June 2013

1999Medical exam table$5,000
2000Teen education (Community Development Block Grants)$2,000
2001Equipment to test for anemia$1,394
2002Autoclave for the purpose of sterilizing instruments.$1,495
2003Four computers$3600
20046 sets of cervical biopsy equipment$2,923
2005Security cameras and equipment$1,500
2006Install cabinetry and purchase files and furniture$2,440
2007Friend to Friend Patient Pass program $5,000
2008Colposcopies for women with abnormal Pap test results$2,500
2010Distribute birth control to women & girls as young as 13$5,000
2011HIV test kits$4,200

Let's hope our city fathers continue with the wise decision they made in 2012.