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Mayor Doomberg's attack on parents' rights

By Scott Tibbs, February 13, 2013

"This was population control on blacks and Latinos without our knowledge." - Mona Davids, president of the NYC Parents Union

Last week, I wrote about America's most obnoxious nanny state ninny, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City. Bloomberg thinks emergency room physicians in New York's hospitals are too stupid and/or corrupt to determine when a patient needs legitimate pain relief and is implementing policy to restrict the distribution of painkillers. Bloomberg (who has never had any medical training) also moved to restrict the use of baby formula in hospitals as a way to promote breastfeeding, even though there are times when formula is necessary.

Despite his arrogance toward physicians, Bloomberg thinks government school bureaucrats are qualified to give birth control to teenagers. Government schools in NYC distributed 12,721 doses of the abortifacient drug Plan B during the 2011-2012 academic year - without the knowledge or consent of parents. When Mona Davids said that this was "population control" of non-whites, she hit a perfect bulls-eye. After all, 60% of black babies and 41.3% of Hispanic babies are aborted, while 21.4% of white babies are killed by abortionists in New York City. Bloomberg apparently does not believe surgical abortions are doing enough to keep the black and Hispanic population low, so he's relying on abortifacients as well.

It is instructive that Bloomberg feels physicians in hospitals are incompetent and/or corrupt and must be limited in disbursing painkillers and baby formula, but government school bureaucrats are qualified to distribute abortifacient drugs without parental consent. This illustrates the Communist mindset of Bloomberg and his kind. To Bloomberg, people in general are stupid, incompetent and corrupt and our lives must be directed by an all-powerful central government. Bloomberg sees himself as a kindly regent while the peasants under him must be controlled. We cannot allow the unwashed masses to run their own lives!

This is a despicable and evil policy. Neither city government nor the government schools have any moral authority to be distributing birth control to vulnerable teenagers, especially considering that the age of consent in New York is 17 years old. There can be little doubt that there have been cases where young teens are being sexually exploited by adult men, and that exploitation is being covered up by the government school system and Mayor Bloomberg, away from the watchful eye of parents who love those teens far more than the mayor or any government school bureaucrat. Bloomberg is almost certainly an accessory to criminal sexual abuse of minors.

I've said before that we need a new Red Scare in this nation. We need another Joe McCarthy to step up and work to shame Communists like Mayor Bloomberg out of public life. His anti-American attitude and policy are far more dangerous to our liberty and our way of life than any terrorist for foreign aggressor could ever hope to be.