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Planned Parenthood's tiresome demands for welfare

Printed in the Herald-Times, May 17, 2013. (Comments)

To the Editor:

When Planned Parenthood applied for another handout from the city's Jack Hopkins social services fund last year, the city council rejected the request and instead disbursed the limited funds available to other organizations. It was a wise and fiscally prudent decision that should be repeated this year.

In the report currently available on Planned Parenthood of Indiana's website, they report $14,336,668 in revenue and $13,984,785 in expenses - a profit of $351,883. Do they really need another $5,000 handout from Bloomington's city government? Clearly, the answer is no.

This annual game by PP is tiresome and disrespectful. Every year, they go to our representatives with their hands out, depriving other social service agencies that actually do need financial help with their cynical effort to get a political endorsement from the city council.

In just four years between 2008 and 2011, there were 3,213 abortions in Monroe County - an average of over 800 per year according to the Indiana Department of Health. That is over three thousand precious lives exterminated - a tragic number that illustrates why not one dime of taxpayer dollars should go to the Planned Parenthood abortion "clinic," whether or not the money goes to abortion "services."

Scott Tibbs.