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Baron Hill says killing newborns is just "one issue"

By Scott Tibbs, August 8, 2008

Congressman Baron Hill was a guest on AM 1370's Afternoon Edition today, so I called in and brought up that Hill endorsed Barack Obama in the state's Democratic Party primary over Hillary Clinton. I brought up that while Clinton voted for the Born Alive Infants Protection Act at the federal level, Obama opposed the law while in the Illinois state legislature. (The Born Alive Infants Protection Act makes it illegal to kill a baby that survives an abortion and is born.) I asked Hill a very simple question. "Why did you endorse a candidate who defends infanticide?" Baron Hill's immediate response was:

"I take exception to what you just said."

I kid you not. That is a direct quote.

Hill went on to say that he is proud of that endorsement and that Obama is a "great man". The kicker was when Hill said that he supports Obama based on many things, not just "one issue". Well, there you have it. Congressman Baron Hill believes that killing newborn babies is just "one issue" among many in this election cycle.

It is not unusual for supporters of abortion rights, like Baron Hill, to try to deflect attention from the killing of unborn children by saying that abortion is just "one issue" among many that this nation faces. But while attempting to sweep abortion under the rug in such a manner may be deplorable, infanticide is another matter entirely. Even the vast majority of those who support abortion rights support reasonable measures such as the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. There is a reason that it passed by such an overwhelming margin in the House and Senate.

Claiming that infanticide is just "one issue" indicates that one is completely amoral. Would Baron Hill dare say that the war in Iraq is just "one issue" and risk infuriating war opponents in Bloomington? Would Baron Hill dare say that gas prices are only "one issue" as people struggle to fill their cars at $4 a gallon? What is it about killing a newborn baby that makes it only "one issue" among many that voters will consider this November? Why would Baron Hill endorse someone who is so radical that he defends killing newborns?

After I hung up, another caller challenged Hill's views on energy. Hill's response?

"Obviously it is my adversaries that are calling in."

Oh, boo hoo, Baron. You decided to run for Congress. You should expect that some people will disagree with your positions on issues, and that you will be challenged to defend your votes in a public forum. Complaining that political adversaries are calling in (as if that in any way invalidates the points made) only serves to make you look like a crybaby. One caller pointed this out, saying that Hill sounds "very angry". I think that is an accurate description. It is sad that, after a decade in Congress, Hill still isn't grown up enough to deal with criticism.