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Erasing men and women kills diversity

By Scott Tibbs, October 4, 2021

Radical transgenderism seeks to destroy the diversity of male and female in favor of making men and women into a bland androgynous blob. This is primarily the result of rebellion against God and what He created. God does not create "persons." He creates boys and girls who grow up to be men and women.

Let's examine what the Bible has to say on the matter of male and female: What the "professor" at Yale Law School is doing is not showing respect for "trans rights." What he is doing is attacking sex itself. He is misgendering every man and woman in his class to advance a political and spiritual rebellion. He is taking away the God-given sex of each man and woman he encounters, reducing them to androgyny against their will. His agenda matters more than their respective sexual identities.

Radical transgenderism is very different from homosexuality. Homosexuals do not need approval to live their lives, form romantic partnerships and so forth. The very essence of political transgenderism is that others must approve and endorse the rebellion against the basic biology and human anatomy that God created. In fact, if men can be women and women can be men, the binary nature of homosexuality - that people are attracted to the same sex instead of the opposite sex - no longer exists.

We see this attitude in the creeping redefinition of basic terms by militant transgenders and their allies. A "trans woman" claimed on Twitter to be a "biological woman," and sycophants in his replies twisted words and tortured logic to justify his nonsensical statement. But one does not have to deny basic biological reality to believe that someone who is genetically and anatomically male is actually a woman, and support his "right" to live as a woman. But support for gender expression is not enough: Established scientific facts need to be subverted and denied in order to advocate for a religious/political agenda.

This is what a cult looks like: Radical redefinitions of words combined with zero tolerance for dissent and demands that others endorse your worldview no matter what they believe. This is combined with the mentally abusive bullying of those who do not fall in line, falsely accusing us of causing teen suicide. We must plant our feet and refuse to compromise, and refuse to allow the gaslighting to intimidate us into silence - or worse, intimidate us into making a confession of faith in something that is false on every level.

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