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Donald Trump needs to grow up.

By Scott Tibbs, October 22, 2018

I anticipate pushback for writing a nearly 400 word letter to the President based on "one word." But the issue of maturity and temperament is about much more than "one word" and everyone knows it. This is part of a pattern going back a very long time. It is not a good thing for the President of these United States to be petulant and childish and throwing insults about someone's looks. You can and should "fight back" against the Left. But fighting back does not mean you have to behave like a spoiled child.

Mr. President,

This is not acceptable.

Your policies have been far better than I anticipated, and I am not alone. Many conservatives like me were also worried about what a Trump presidency would bring on policy, and you have been solidly conservative. I went from being a #NeverTrump voter in 2016 (I voted for the Constitution Party candidate) to being a Trump supporter, complete with a "Make America Great Again" hat. But your personal behavior remains abominable.

Mr. Trump, you are not a reality TV star or a guest throwing clotheslines at WrestleMania. You are not a celebrity businessman shooting the breeze with Howard Stern. You are the President of these United States. You promised during the campaign that you would be presidential, and you have repeatedly broken that promise.

Horseface, Mr. Trump? Seriously? I would expect a student body president at a high school to have more maturity than to call someone "horseface." Leadership and responsibility should bring decorum and respectability. You have consistently refused to display either.

I know your base loves it when you "fight back." I love it too, especially since I have spent over 20 years being scolded by schoolmarm Republicans who cannot fathom being so "uncivil" as to say that a liar actually is a liar. We are to be "above the fray" while we are viciously personally attacked. You have shown us that it does not have to be this way and that we can fight back and win.

This is not fighting back. This is a childish insult that I would not expect my four year old son to use. Pointing out dishonesty, bad character, conflicts of interests or corruption is a good and necessary thing. You can and should do that without acting like a spoiled child.

It is time to grow up, Mr. President. If you cannot refrain from the childish insults that embarrass us as a nation, it is time to put down your phone and stop tweeting. It is time to go back to a traditional messaging system. Have your statements vetted by experienced professionals, and then put them out in a controlled manner. Please continue to fight back, on policy and character. Stop the personal insults. Act like you respect the office you hold, because it appears that no one disrespects the office of the President more than the person holding it.